Companies: Desjoyaux excels internationally and makes its mark in Germany


Desjoyaux, the swimming pool manufacturer and market leader based in Saint-Etienne, France, has recorded exceptional growth of approximately 35% over the last financial period. Exports have also seen a notable boost, particularly in Germany. The company’s financial results for the year 2020/2021 are due to be published in a few weeks, however, the upward trajectory […]

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Desjoyaux, riding the wave of popularity of private swimming pools


SUMMER SERIES – COVID WINNERS IN BUSINESSIn a public health situation that has led to limitations on travel, and even to lockdowns at certain periods, there has been a tendency for house owners to invest in swimming pools. A boost for the sales of the world leader in in-ground pools. Even the bad weather across […]

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A Huge Leap in Piscines Desjoyaux’s Biannual Results


The family business has published strong end-of-February results, demonstrating consumer appetites for private swimming pools. To say that Piscines Desjoyaux is benefiting from new consumer trends, holidays having to be spent at home, whether at main or second homes, and rising temperatures is an understatement. The title of its last press release on its first-half […]

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A great success story about water


Your holiday on the other side of the world has been ruined by the health crisis. So you’ve decided to jump into your own swimming pool ! Many French people in lockdown who have been forced to give up many expenses have seen their lust for better everyday comfort grow. And, with the increasing number […]

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“Piscines Desjoyaux: major trends are driving our market” : Jean-Louis Desjoyaux, CEO


Founded in 1966, Piscines Desjoyaux is the world’s leading in-ground swimming pool construction network with 169 exclusive dealerships in France and a presence in 80 countries. It invented two major concepts, pipeless filtration and permanent active casing.With 60 million euros invested in the production site and in the research and development of production tools over […]

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Desjoyaux Pools sails through the crisis


The lockdown and increase in working from home have stimulated demand for individual swimming pools. This is helping Piscines Desjoyaux who have just reported record 2019-2020 earnings. Individual swimming pools are right up there among the sectors that are turning out to be winners in the Covid-19 health crisis. Piscines Desjoyaux’s annual 2019-2020 earnings (financial […]

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Desjoyaux establishes its own training centre for pool professionals


In order to address the lack of qualified professionals, the group, based near Saint-Étienne, has recently set up a training centre. Despite the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, the well-known Desjoyaux Group (240 employees, turnover of €103 M), based in La Fouillouse (Loire), believes that its franchise network (165 dealerships in France, 380 around […]

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The swimming pool manufacturer Desjoyaux creates its own masonry training centre


With high temperatures and the health crisis, the swimming pool manufacturer Desjoyaux is now growing fast, but is struggling to recruit qualified masons to install its swimming pools. In order to address this problem, the SME based in La Fouillouse, in the Loire, is creating a training centre in partnership with Pôle Emploi (the French […]

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Desjoyaux: the source of the company’s success


“This swimming pool manufacturer located in Plaine du Forez, France, has conquered our blue planet through sheer daring and expertise. Founded nearly 55 years ago, Desjoyaux has become the world leader in inground pools, while remaining a family business. Here is the story of this long journey.” In the 1990s, Desjoyaux pools were the first […]

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The economic recovery: pool builders and installers come through the crisis unscathed


On the contrary, the Coronavirus crisis seems to have boosted this already buoyant market, and the prospects for further development are highly promising. Interview with Jean-Louis Desjoyaux, CEO of one of the major companies in the French pool industry and world leader in inground pools, with 5,000 employees worldwide, exports to 80 countries, and an […]

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