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A new Desjoyaux Pools dealership located in Montbrison in Loire.


Four questions put to Jean-Rémi Drevon, who’s been working for Desjoyaux Pools for over a decade (11 years) as French Area Manager. He is soon to take over a new Desjoyaux Pools dealership located in Montbrison in Loire.  

Can you tell us about your career with Desjoyaux pools?

I started out with a summer job in the coping workshop, followed by fixed-term contract sales missions, before getting a 4-year tenure as Sales Project Manager, and finally becoming an Area Manager.

What made you want to make this career change?

Being in daily contact with dealers who enjoy and learn from their work is what spurred me on.

Going from being an employee to a franchisee comes with a number of advantages. Can you tell us about them?

Working for yourself is highly motivating.  – What are your objectives?

I intend to sell as many pools as I can to increase the market shares in my sector, and ensure that customers get the very best deal…

What do you think of the support afforded by the brand to new franchisees?

It’s amazing! They provide you with a store concept, take care of your communication plan when you open, have a school where they provide training suited to each individual dealer, and their website helps to generate leads and therefore enables you to begin your activity in the best possible conditions! The brand’s reputation also gives you business credibility right from the start…